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              Architecture Kerala is a house designs showcase website, averaging more than 10,000 visitors per Day, 
              we are providing fixed price advertising in which we have very amazing rates, For the ads you can talk to us directly. As for the content model that involves sponsored posts, links and channels. Please talk to us on email at and we will provide you with a very good deal.

Why Advertise in Architecture Kerala

Architecture Kerala rated as the Number one portal in India. We have recent visitors from Kerala, and other keralites all over the world, and we have over one million unique users spread across India, Middle East, USA and the rest of the world. 
          Architecture Kerala provides advertisers to the unique opportunity to target Keralites - in Kerala and all across India, Indian domestic residents as well as the Non-resident Keralites without any additional cost.

We are Providing Fixed Pricing Ads

A fixed payment for a duration of time. This could include monthly payments

  • In Fixed pricing ads payment is very simple
  • You can choose the ad banner postition on webpage,
  • You should pay whole amount before starting the advertising campaign
  • you can change the ads when you need


  1. Sponsored Post                               :Rs.15,000/- (/Month)
  2. Top leaderboard (728 x 90 px)        :Rs.15,000/- (/Month)
  3. Large Skyscraper (300 x 600 px)    :Rs.15,000/- (/Month)
  4. Medium rectangle (300 x 250 px)   :Rs.10,000/- (/Month)
  5. Small rectangle (300 x 100 px)       :Rs.6,000/- (/Month)

  • Designs and scripts should be provided by the advertiser
  • When new posts will come sponsored posts will goes to the back
  • Advertisements that causing for sexual or individual harassment will not be allowed
  • Payment method is applicable through bank transfer only
  • Large skyscraper and medium rectangle can't place a single page

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